Chronic Pain


Post-Surgical Recovery






Psychological Services

Our mental health specialists provide both the assessment and follow-up sessions for mental health concerns.  We offer counselling, psychotherapy, and the mind-body therapies to complement conventional medical treatments.  We work holistically with all mental health conditions but specialize in sleep and aging concerns, trauma, grief, anxiety, behavioral issues, and addictions.


The use of needles as a healing modality is gaining great momentum in the west. This ancient eastern practice works with the “hard to identify” ingredients that can have a deep impact on our experience of injury and illness.  Our acupuncturist is a respected teacher and practitioner of both Chinese and Japanese styles with additional training in orthopedic acupuncture (for pain).  Acupuncture is most known to impact pain, trauma, and hormonal health.

Massage Therapy

The benefits of touch are undisputed. We provide registered massage therapy and specialize in therapeutic treatments.  Our therapists focus on the recovery of acute physical conditions, the maintenance of chronic conditions, and the emotional support that can be uniquely provided by regular long term massage.  We have therapists trained in both Europe and Canada that have the depth of knowledge which only comes from practitioners with twenty years of experience.


Whether through gentle manipulation or the use of deep pressure, working the feet can be the therapy of choice for many clients.  This type of treatment is especially good for seniors, people with mobility issues, and trauma survivors as the client does not need to disrobe. Clients are seated and facing the therapist.  We specialize in the therapeutic and anxiety reducing benefits of this treatment.

 Our Weekly Practices

Tai Chi

We teach and practice tai chi ch’uan.  Participants learn the movements in a class setting by focusing on one section at a time.  We then provide time to refine and deepen the practice.  This form of tai chi is exceptional exercise for the whole person and has great mental fitness benefits.


We honor the ancestral and personal life-long practice of our own qigong master.  We hold a weekly class for the introduction and practice of individual movements, short session classes to learn linked forms, and workshops to explore a deeper practice.  This ancient practice specifically supports chronic-conditions and brain health.


We offer and practice a wide variety of meditation practices.  In class, private sessions, and workshops we work with forms of meditation found around the world.  Initial experiences of meditation often help reduce inner turmoil and reconnect one with a more life-affirming way of being.


We provide private sessions and mat classes in one of the youngest forms of healing movement.  Pilates is just over one hundred years old but is one of the most applicable movement forms to the modern day.  Our therapists are trained in the Stott Pilates Method and have a passion for core strength and the deep life changing effects it can have.  Our longest running continuous class is in its 17th year!


We love the Japanese forms of yoga, we practice both the yin and yang styles found in the Daoist tradition.  We teach it in our private sessions and in our weekly classes.  We value the deep stretch and active release these practices provides. Our classes are greatly appreciated by those in mid-life and to anyone else seeking a more restorative practice.

Sensitive Yoga

We are honoured to offer yoga classes for those who would like to benefit from a weekly class but may have life experiences or circumstances that make it difficult.  Our instructor is enrolled in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Justice Resource Institute in Boston and deeply respects this time-honored practice taught with a contemporary perspective.

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