The SkyBlue Studio

Quiet, calm, and relaxed … our studio is a 475 square foot carpeted room that is kept at room temperature.  It has a wall of windows that provide north facing natural light and face out to a beautiful rock garden.  A professional sound system, with four ceiling speakers, is available for those classes that like to use music.  Our studio is home to daily classes, private group bookings and weekly lectures and workshops.

Our classes are small (up to 10) allowing for personal connection and individual instruction with our experienced instructors.  Many of our class instructors are also therapists.  They find teaching to be a deeply rewarding experience.  It also allows them to take care of themselves, which in turn allows for them to better help and support others.

Experience does matter! Many of our classes are targeted for certain populations.  Our instructors have the knowledge to help those who want assistance with adjusting poses and will offer advice as required for each student.  If you are uncertain about your ability to participate in a particular class, gives us a call.  Private classes are also available and can be customized for your needs.  We welcome all inquiries.

Start your weekly practice in a non-competitive, beautiful and relaxed environment.