Heather Campbell, Founder and Owner, Since 2000

For Heather, it all began with a desire to work freely and directly with people to relieve their suffering. The suffering, most often expressed as some form of pain or disruption to the body and mind, is often eased with the inner harmony achieved through a wide variety of healing techniques and therapies. Years of working with people individually and in group settings has only deepened her desire to offer natural paths for personal growth, inner harmony and healing.  Over the years others have expressed a desire to work in a similar way and Heather is deeply honored by the depth of experience, the level of education, and the personal growth of the people that make up the center today.  All paths we pursue, whether ancient or modern, have been found to help people now, and throughout their lives.  All are complementary to and in support of our current standard medical practices.

What She DoesHeather teaches a variety of classes and workshops.  Her interest has turned to those living with grief and the support of the spirit through meditation.

Her InfluencesPhysical and medical anthropology, developmental psychology, Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, families, life, and people.

Populations: Heather works with those who come to her through direct referral.