Monica Dragosz, MA, RSW

Monica has professionally cared for others’ mental and emotional well-being since completing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 1996. She has worked in many mainstream health care/agency settings, but has also been practicing psychotherapy within private settings since completion of a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology in 2008.

Monica’s somatic and trauma-informed orientations toward her practice are supported by recent findings in neuroscience. However she is very aware of the quality of her presence that she brings to the creation of a safe and sacred space for clients which is key to a successful working relationship.

She facilitates personal change by using skills from her specialized training in somatic approaches to psychotherapy (primarily the Hakomi method and Focused Oriented Therapy), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and Internal Family Systems Therapy, as well as drawing from an intuitive blend of techniques from depth psychology (which emphasizes dreams, symbols, and the human imagination) and cross-cultural spiritual healing principles.  In recent years, Monica has also been influenced by the little known field of ecopsychology, and occasionally incorporates some nature-guided practices in her work.

Monica was born and raised in the mountain valley of Crowsnest Pass, Alberta and has always experienced a strong connection to wilderness.  Monica is also a Certified Yoga Instructor.