Sue Fortune, MA, CCPCP-r

Sue Fortune is registered with the Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP). She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Psychology and is D.B.T. Certified.  As a Registered Counselor, Sue uses person-centered therapy in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  She counsels children, adolescents, individuals and couples.  Her experience includes (but is not limited to) anxiety, depression, stress, bullying, thoughts of self-harm, and cutting behavior.

Sue is also trained as a Clinical HypnotherapistHypnotherapy is used for a wide range of issues such as weight loss and smoking cessation.  Her unique approach of combining hypnotherapy and D.B.T. works well for anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors such as eating disorders and addiction.  Sue is also fully Certified with the Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta and has considerable experience with children and youth.  Her experience includes treating phobias, Restrictive Food Intake (AFRID), anxiety, low self-confidence and mood regulation.

Sue has worked in the field of mental health and addiction for over 20 years and was Global TV’s “Woman of Vision” in 2013.  She was also awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Circle of Mental Health and Addiction True Leadership Award for her work in the mental health field.  Sue looks forward to helping you live a life of health and fulfillment.

As a certified instructor, Sue teaches the two-day Mental Health First Aid Course and has received some excellent reviews from participants as well as the Mental Health Commission of Canada.