Lara Osis, NHPC Member

What She Does:  Lara is a Natural Health Practitioner and Reflexologist.  In both private treatment sessions and classes, she draws on wisdom earned through personal experience and study of complementary healing modalities. She also has a Western understanding of physiology and health.

Her Influences:  From an early age, Lara was interested in learning what works to improve health and how to recover from illness or an injury though learning how these things work. This has included studying classical philosophy of the East and West, brain health, physical recovery from trauma or illness, and ancient practices for emotional well-being.

Treatments:  Lara offers the following treatments: reflexology of the feet, hands and/or head (30 or 60 minutes), integrated chakra therapy (60 minutes) and private group bookings covering any of the classes she teaches or specific areas of interest of the client.

PopulationsLara has worked with individuals and groups including teenagers, adults and seniors.  She brings a wealth of knowledge, gentle humor and compassion to everything she does. Working to meet the needs of diverse clients, she can adapt her treatments and classes to provide support for people to improve their health.

Classes/WorkshopsOver the past 8 years, Lara has taught a variety of classes and workshops. Specific classes include: yin yoga, T’ai Chi and yang yoga. Workshops include embodied awareness for well-being, team dynamic facilitation, trauma recovery for women, and chronic disease prevention awareness.

For further information on Reflexology, please check out Lara’s Blog: Reflexology – Question & Answer with Lara Osis