Specialized Pilates for Injury Recovery

For those struggling with chronic pain, simple everyday tasks may be more difficult and everyday activities can require modifications. Fortunately, through strengthening key ‘core’ muscles in the back, neck and the body, you can significantly reduce overall body pain.

Generalized Pilates classes are beneficial for strengthening the core, elongating the body, and increasing overall fitness. However, these classes may not be appropriate for those recovering from an injury or for those with ongoing chronic back and neck pain. A specialized class can often provide the right avenue for clients to work on their individual health and well-being in a safe environment.

Specialized Pilates classes provide clients with ways to strengthen weak muscles, increase the flexibility and mobility of muscles that are overloaded.  Lessening the load on over strained muscles, increasing the stamina and strengthening of key weakened muscles often leads to pain reduction as well as an increase in overall wellness in the body.

The specialized Pilates classes at Varsity Natural Health Center offer a gentle entry into recovery as well as help empower clients with new muscle and movement pathways designed to decrease overall body pain. Since these classes are tailored towards clients who are in recovery, the small class size is essential. In this small group environment, clients will experience an enhanced connection with their body through targeted exercises and instruction specifically designed for chronic pain and injury recovery.

During a specialized six week class, clients can expect to directly address and strengthen key areas that will help heal their injury or support the reduction of chronic pain through:

□  Mat Work

□  Breath Work

□  Standing Exercises

□  Held Stretches

□  Balance Work

As a result of targeting key muscles, building up of appropriate muscles and movement pathways, not only is body pain significantly reduced but clients also experience greater flexibility in joints and muscles, increased strength, as well as increased stamina in going through your daily activities. This creates an overall improved sense of well-being.

Our Pilates Instructors

Anne-Marie Stephure: Anne-Marie has worked with children and adults for the last 10 years as an elementary school teacher, a certified parent educator, and is a certified Stott Pilates® Instructor. She greatly enjoys teaching. She has a natural ability to connect with people and see what people need.

Heather Campbell: Heather teaches a variety of classes and workshops. She is a s a certified Stott Pilates® Instructor. Her interest has turned to those living with grief and the support of the spirit through meditation.

Bobbie Lu-Kopf: Bobbie has been a Natural Health Practitioner for 20 years and is educated in a wide variety of complementary healing modalities. She is a s a certified Stott Pilates® InstructorShe does private sessions in registered massage therapy, integrative healing work, and shiatsu.  Bobbie also teaches classes in core strength, Qigong, T’ai Chi, and yin yoga to specialized populations and facilitates workshops iQigong and T’ai Chi.